Taking German classes at the moment? Our latest Top Tips offer ways to enhance your studies outside of class, with study and cultural recommendations. 


Berlin Style Dining 

Stein’s Berlin Restaurant in South Kensington is a must for anyone in the mood for a German feast! With a menu of traditional favourites as well as modern twists, along with a German gin list, it’s the perfect place for a night out with a difference!

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Kick Back with German Series!

One of our favourite ways of improving our language skills is by binging on foreign language series. Channel 4’s All 4 has a special foreign language section called Walter Presents, which is home to a whole range of German series. All series are subtitled in English, so great for enhancing comprehension skills. From historical dramas to murder mysteries, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy!

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Improve your Comprehension Skills

Another great way of improving our confidence in a language is by reading. Take a a look at Logo!. This is a German news site aimed at children, meaning the news items are simpler and easier to comprehend. The stories are shorter and cut out complex details, and accompanying photos and videos make great supplementary materials. Check it out!

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It’s Verb Time!

As with so many languages, they key to nailing German is mastering those verb conjugations. Although a chunky book, 501 German Verbs is a great resource to aid your study. It explains how the various verb forms work, and goes through the conjugations of each tense for 501 different verbs. The book is a grammar bible – highly recommended! 

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