Taking Mandarin classes? Here are our latest tips to help you with your learning, along with some recommendations on ways to enjoy Mandarin language and Chinese culture here in London. 


Chinese Visual Festival

The 2019 Chinese Visual Festival is happening from the 2nd-9th of May in London, and is a good chance to catch some Chinese cinema. There are numerous screenings throughout the festival happening at King’s College and BFI Southbank, with tickets starting from £5. This is a great opportunity to engage with contemporary Chinese culture so be sure to check it out!

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Chinese Products 

Hosting a Chinese style dinner party? Or just want some Chinese treats for yourself? Look no further than the New Loon Moon supermarket! Located in Chinatown, this is one of the largest Chinese supermarkets in central London and is home to a huge range of produce – over 3500 different items! It’s been visited by the likes of Jamie Oliver and the Prince of Wales and has also appeared on TV – a pretty good claim to fame!

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Chinese Resources

Looking for extra resources to self-study at home? We love the Chineasy series – in particular the flashcards and workbook. The flashcards are a great way to help learners to memorise characters, and the workbook is perfect for putting it into practice. Give them a go!

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Mandarin Reading Materials

Don’t forget, IH London students receive 10% off at The European Bookshop. The store has a wide range of options for all levels, from self-study books to easy-readers and popular novels. Whether you’re at beginner level or nearly fluent, the store has something for you! 

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