This month’s Mandarin Top Tips is here, with suggestions on ways to improve your language skills and immerse yourself in Chinese culture here in London!


Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is said to date back over 2000 years with the first to have taken place on the Yanze River, but in recent times it has become a favourite sporting event of the London summer season! This year the festival takes place on the 30th June and is accompanied by a programme of entertainment, activities and street food.The festival takes place at Royal Docks Adventure near London City Airport. 

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Fiery Sichuan Cuisine

Searching for somewhere to go and eat this weekend? Give Barshu Restaurant in Soho a go! Specializing in cuisine from the Sichuan province in China, the menu is home to a whole range of full-flavour dishes, from traditional favourites to modern twists! Watch out for those fiery Sichuan peppers! 

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Chinese Resources

Looking for a way to practise your Chinese characters? Try Skritter. The app is easy to use and has good activities to help memorize characters, practise writing and learn new vocabulary. The app has top reviews and is great for those just starting out with the language, or for those wanting some revision.

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China and the V&A

Want to learn more about Chinese history and culture? Visit the China rooms at the Victoria & Albert Museum.  Home to a range of artifacts from 3000 BC to the present day, the exhibition offers a great insight into the richness and diversity of Chinese heritage. From ceramics and jade, to manuscripts and prints, there is a lot to explore here!

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