From Portuguese custard tarts and bossa nova music, to weekends in Lisbon and cheeky swigs of vinho do Douro – here at IH London we love all things connected to the Portuguese language and its diverse cultures. Don’t worry if you’re not planning any travels soon, there are lots of ways to enhance your Portuguese language studies outside of class and enjoy its cultures here in London.



Partnership with Casa de Nata

At IH London we are delighted to announce a brand new partnership with Café de Nata. Specialising in the must-have treat of the moment – Portuguese custard tarts, or pasteis de nata – Café de Nata has three stores in London: Soho, Hammersmith and South Kensignton. Be sure to visit the stores to not only get your fill of pasteis de nata but to also practise your Portuguese language skillsWe are really looking forward to working with the team and bringing a slice of Café de Nata culture to our Portuguese classes at International House!

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Practise your listening skills

A great way to improve your comprehension and confidence in a language is by listening. Even for beginner level students, it’s a good habit to get into. For beginners we recommend visiting the RPT website and heading to the ZigZag area. This is an area dedicated to children’s programmes, but there are short audio items that are great for those just starting out in the language. Items range from short fairy-tales to science and current affair related topics, all in bite-sized doses, perfect for beginners.

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For intermediate+ students we recommend taking a look at the video section of RTP NotíciasHere you’ll find lots of news items covering a wide range of topics, which is great for picking up new vocabulary and working on advanced comprehension. 

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Dine out Portugal style!

Located not far from IH London in the Seven Dials area is Canela – a lovely, authentic Portuguese restaurant offering traditional produce sourced and imported from Portugal. Whether you’re after a place to stop for a coffee break or somewhere to dine out, Canela has a delicious offering. A great opportunity to practise your Portuguese food vocabulary! 

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Rock out to some Portuguese hits!

Love listening to music while you commute? Why not switch out your usual tunes for the IH Portuguese Language Spotify playlist and check out some of the latest hits in the language, as well as some well known classics! 
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Portuguese reading materials

Don’t forget, IH London students receive 10% off at The European Bookshop. The store has a wide range of options for all levels, from self-study books to easy-readers and popular novels. Whether you’re at beginner level or nearly fluent, the store has something for you! 

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Take a look at our upcoming Portuguese courses at IH London.

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