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Whether you're new to German or looking to fine tune what you already know, we have a German course to suit your needs. Take a small group course on evenings or at weekends, or enjoy the flexibility and personal attention of a one-to-one course. If you're learning for work we offer tailor made group or one-to-one lessons in your company offices.

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Focus on German:

- German has 95 million speakers and is the EU’s most widely spoken native language.
- It is the official language (or one of) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg. It is also spoken in some areas of Northern Italy, and in Alsace and Lorraine in France.
- The first mass produced printed book in Europe – the Gutenberg Bible - was written in German and completed in 1454.
- German words often appear to be very long – this is because many words in the language are created by merging together shorter words.
- Fun fact – an Oktoberfest is held in London each year. Get your lederhosen on and practise your German!


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