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Whether you're new to Japanese or nearly fluent with the language, we have a class that will help you get the most from your Japanese language studies. 

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One to one lessons

One-to-one Japanese lessons are for Japanese learners who want to concentrate on their specific needs and maximise learning. Course content is decided by you and your learning needs.

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In-company training

Group Japanese classes run at scheduled times over 6 weeks on evenings or Saturdays. Classes are small with an average of 10 students. There are 5 levels, from beginner to advance, split into modules to ensure students learn in classes that suit their ability.

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If you would like any help choosing the best class or level for you, please contact sales@ihlondon.com. We are happy to help! 


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Focus on Japanese:

- There are 128 million Japanese speaks in the world.
- The Japanese name for Japan is Nihon, or Nippon, which translates as 'land of the rising sun'.
- Japanese uses three different alphabets: Hiragana, which is a traditional Japanese alphabet; Katakana, another Japanese alphabet which is used for foreign words; and Kanji, which are Chinese characters, although the Japanese meaning is often different.
- Japanese is one of the most unique languages of the world, in that it does not have any obvious links to any other languages.
- Fun fact - There are over 500 Sushi bars in London!


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I chose Japanese because I love the culture. My teacher is great at giving a backstory to the language.

Japanese Language Student