Practice language lessons

International House London’s practice lessons in French, Italian and Spanish offer a fun and cost effective way to begin or improve your language learning.

Classes are taught on weekday evenings at our Covent Garden language school by student teachers training at IH London, under close supervision by teacher trainers. Practice lessons only cost £35 and are engaging, dynamic and lively.

Our intensive practice lessons that take place four nights a week over a two week period. Classes are on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, between 18.30 - 20.30 with a 15 minute break during in each class.

Semi-intensive practice lessons are two nights a week over a 5 week period. Lessons take place on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 18.30 - 20.30.

Expert training for the best learning experience

International House London has 60 years' experience of teacher training and is highly regarded all over the world as a leader in language teaching and teacher training.

Each practice language lesson is taught by up to six student teachers and teacher trainers help the student teachers prepare classes and oversee each session.

Our student teachers are passionate and enthusiastic about language teaching, which is reflected in the energy they bring to the classroom.

Affordable and enjoyable language classes

Beginners practice lessons help you give simple information using individual words or learned phrases in familiar and immediate situations, understand simple questions and information and grasp basic grammatical rules.

Intermediate language lessons develop your ability to maintain simple conversations on a variety of topics and perform routine language tasks with relative comfort. You’ll also work on listening skills that will enable you to survive in a second language environment. 

Sample language learning at London’s top language school

International House London was placed top of a poll of central London language schools by the highly respected El Gazette journal in May 2013.

Whether you want to brush up your French, Italian or Spanish for a holiday or just want to try learning a language without spending too much money, our practice lessons are the perfect option.

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