Bespoke Training English courses catered to your level, requirements and learning objectives

We offer lots of English courses in our Executive Centre, from group Business English courses to bespoke one-to-one sessions. It can be hard to know which course is most suited to your goals and needs, but our multilingual Sales team can provide guidance and assist with your enquiry.

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We cater our courses to what YOU want to learn and depending on your level, language goals and availability. Each student completes a Needs Analysis form and an English Level Test, which combined will take no longer than 30 minutes. After completing the form and test, our Academic team can pair you with a suitable teacher and create a bespoke programme to help you achieve your linguistic and personal goals.

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Our expert teachers have the industry knowledge and experience to tailor lessons according to your needs and learning objectives. We assign the best trainers for your programme by experience, background and cultural fit. They are supported by a world-class academic department, ongoing professional development and an unparalleled library of resources.


If you are doing lessons in London, they will take place in our luxurious Executive Centre on the 5th Floor at our school. Familiarise yourself with the Executive Centre, which has intimate classrooms and a Sky Lounge with panoramic views over London.

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Receive regular feedback and personalised tips from your teacher to help improve your English and learning experience. Together, you will analyse assessment results, discuss course content and address pain points regularly throughout your training programme.


There are weekly events hosted by the Executive Centre. Clients can join bi-weekly excursions across London, visiting all the main sites, museums and galleries. In addition, there are regular networking events, such as the Cheese & Wine event every Friday lunchtime where you can connect with other professionals and your trainer.

Training Reviews ensure that the course plan is on track and learning objectives are being met. Where issues are raised, these can be addressed in bespoke one-to-one lessons to achieve your personal learning targets.

Students receive a Certificate of Completion once they finish their programme. You can then apply your new-found skills to your profession and share your experience with friends, family and colleagues.

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