Rules and information for students under the age of 18


According to British Law everybody under 18 years of age is considered a child.

Due to this law and in the interest of your safety we want you and your parents to be aware of the following rules and regulations which must be followed while studying at International House London.

  1. Attend all your timetabled classes on time because arriving late is unfair for the teacher and your classmates.
  2.  Make sure you have filled in the Contact Details form and given it to reception. If your address or telephone number changes please let us know immediately. Please exchange telephone numbers with your host on the first day so that you are able to contact each other if necessary.
  3. You must inform your host if you are going to be late for your evening meal.
  4. You must be home by midnight and inform your host if you are going to be late and for how late.
  5. If you go out in the evening, at weekends or on trips inform your host where you are going, who you are going with (including their age) and give details of departure and arrival if you go travelling.
  6. Please leave a telephone number or address where you can be contacted at all times.
  7. You must ask your host for permission if you have friends visiting you.
  8. Ask the Welfare Officer or your host if you have any questions or concerns about cultural differences in the UK.
  9. Tell your host or Welfare Officer if you feel sick or unwell.
  10. Inform the Welfare Officer, teacher or reception if you are concerned about any issue including bullying and harassment.
  11. You must be over 18 years old to buy cigarettes/tobacco and to drink alcohol in pubs, bars, restaurants or nightclubs.

We need your parents’ written permission if you want to:

  • Stay with friends/relatives/guardian or in a hotel during your studies.
  • Arrange your own transfer from/to the airport.
  • Go on trips and excursions (within the UK or abroad).
  • Stay out overnight with friends.