Erasmus+ funding for teacher development

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Under the European Union's Erasmus+ Lifelong Learning Programme, grants are available to enable teachers to participate in training courses in a country other than the country in which they normally work.

Erasmus+ replaces the previous funding programmes such as Comenius, Grundtvig and Erasmus.

Download our Erasmus+ funding guide

Who qualifies for Erasmus+ funding

Currently, the programme is open to participants from the twenty-eight member states of the European Union as well as Iceland, Turkey, Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

Erasmus+ programme grants are available for educators from the following categories:

  • Qualified and practising teachers of an official language of the EU
  • Trainers of foreign language teachers
  • Teachers re-training as a foreign language teacher
  • Primary school teachers whose responsibilities include teaching foreign languages
  • Teachers of other subjects through the medium of a foreign language
  • Language teachers re-entering the profession after a period away from teaching
  • Inspectors or advisors in the field of language teaching

You can check if your organisation is registered by visiting the European Commission Research and Innovation website.

How to apply

Only schools, organisations, training institutes or universities can apply for Erasmus+ funding. You cannot apply individually.

The award criteria are specified in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide.

Some key areas are:

  • Relevance of the project: How does the course relate to the priorities of the Erasmus + mobility project and meet the needs and objectives of the participating organisations and individual participants? How are high-quality learning outcomes guaranteed? To what extent is the international scope of the participating organisation reinforced?
  • Quality of the project design and implementation: How are the participants appropriately selected and prepared for the course? How does the course fit the one/two year European Development Plan of the organisation? How are the learning outcomes recognised? How is the course being arranged, managed and supported?
  • Impact and dissemination: What measures are being used to evaluate the success of the project? What is the impact of the project on the individual and the participating organisation? What dissemination will occur after the course?

Applying for a teacher development course at IH London and Erasmus+ funding

Choose your teacher development course and fill out the online application - you can apply for funding before being accepted onto the course.*

You will receive confirmation of your place on the course and details of dates and fees - your organisation will need to refer to this information within the application for funding.

If not already registered, your organisation needs to register as an applicant organisation on the European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS).

Once registered, your organisation will be able to log into the participant portal with their ECAS account details and obtain the unique Participation Code (PIC).

With the PIC number the online application for funding application form can be completed.

If your school does not have an Erasmus+ representative, enquiries about funding and eligibility should be sent to the Erasmus+ National Agency in your country. 

*Please note that International House London's PIC number is 945380916. Applicants will need to use the PIC code from their schools, organisations, training institutes or universities when applying for Erasmus+ funding.

Funding decisions

When your school receives the funding decision you or your school will need to contact us directly to confirm that you will be attending the course.

If your school has received additional funding you can increase the number of participants on the course depending on the amount of funding available.

Contact our Erasmus+ funding team

For further information, to check on an application or to let us know about your funding decision, contact our Erasmus+ team.