IH London at IATEFL 2018

IATEFL is International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language and this year is holding its 52nd conference in Brighton from 10 – 13 April 2018. It is a conference packed with interesting forums, workshops and roundtables and a fantastic chance to be inspired by experts in current practice. 

We have trained over 55,000 teachers and always strive to be continuous learners ourselves, sharing knowledge and ideas with teachers all over the globe. International House London has a teacher training heritage of over 65 years. Our founder, John Haycraft, pioneered the course that is now known as the CELTA.

Join one of our IATEFL talks, consider developing your teaching career at IH London, or simply say hello and have a chat with one of our experts.

Tuesday 10 April

Root and branch: how students own their own English stories

Jeremy Hanner
Former Trustee of IH London, with Herbert Puchta

Stories reveal the many meanings of life and tell us who we are, and crucially who we could be. Development (linguistic, emotional) happens when students have English language 'ownershi'pof their stories, not just through re-telling, but by interacting with content and, importantly, through harvesting original stories' language. With reference to Story-based Language Teaching (Helbling) Jeremy and Herbet will show how.

About Jeremy

Jerem,ywho did his initial training and worked at International House London, is a writer of methodology titles, learner literature and coursebooks. Among his titles are The Practice of English Language, How to Teach English and Essential Teacher Knowledge (Pearson), and Trumpet Voluntary and Solo Saxophone (Cambridge University Press). He is a member of the writing team for Jetstream, a new adult course from Helbling. He has served as a trustee for International House London and as a member of the IH World board

Language is for expression before it is for communication

Adrian Underhill

Expert Series Trainer and Trustee

So said Caleb Gattegno, inventor of the Silent Way. Adrian and Piers invite you to explore how the current methodology might have developed along different lines if expression rather than communication had been adopted to underwrite the purpose of language learning. They will ask whether three current 'problem' areas - mistakes, syllabus and control - could have turned out to be less problematic .

About Adrian

Adrian is a world-renowned ELT Consultant and Trainer. Adrian is an author and the series editor of the MacMillan Books for Teachers. He is well known for his book Sound Foundations and his inspiring talks on how to understand the phonemic chart. His pronunciation chart was developed into an app for students and teachers and won an industry award. Adrian takes a holistic approach to teaching and teacher training and is a frequent conference speaker.

Exploring learner­ generated reasons in different teaching contexts

Danny Nonington-Davies Teacher and Teacher Trainer at IH London

In Teaching Grammar: From Rules to Reasons (Pavilion Publishing), Danny argues that rather than studying rules, learners of additional languages should try to uncover the reasons why specific forms are used to communicate a message. In this workshop, Danny will demonstrate how teachers working in different contexts encouraged their students to formulate reasons. Danny will also share their materials and discuss the learning outcomes.

About Danny

Danny is a teacher and teacher trainer at International House London and he also works on the joint MA TESOUCELTA course run with King's College London. He has worked in ELT since 1994 and has a Delta and MA in ELT and Applied Linguistics. Danny enjoys speaking at conferences and running workshops, and his first book, Teaching Grammar: From

Rules to Reasons was published by Pavilion in November 2016. When he's not working, presenting or writing, he can be found on his allotment trying to grow things.

Wednesday 11 April


Remote control(led?): a peer observation project for experienced teacher educators

Jessica Andrews - Assistant Director of Training at IH London

Michael Turner - Teacher and Teacher Trainer at IH London

As a teacher educator, CPD opportunities can be hard to find and difficult to maintain. To combat this, Jessica and Michael took a bottom-up approach by experimenting with a self-directed observation programme, which allows teacher trainers to drive their own professional development using video platforms. They will present findings and make suggestions on how this model could be used in your institution.

About Jessica

Jessica completed her CELTA course at IH London in 2006 and fell in love with teaching English. She has been teaching and training for 12 years. She is a certified Cambridge CELTA MCT and assessor and has worked on full-time and part-time courses regularly since 2010. She helped establish the first part-time CELTA course at Cultura lnglesa in Brazil. She has trained teachers in Peru, Brazil and China.

About Michael

Michael grew up in North London and has a degree in Philosophy. He studied for his CELTA at IH London in 2004 before

spending four years abroad with IH Poland, teaching General English, Exam Classes, Business English, Younger Learners and 1:1 classes. He returned to IH London in 2008 to do his Delta, and has worked for IH London ever since as a teacher and teacher trainer.

Friday 13 April

Summer in the city: learning in your local environment

Vicki Robinson - Teacher at IH London

How can we turn our local area into a resource?This talk shares experience of 'Explorer', a new Young Learner course at IH London. It describes some of the challenges faced when writing the course and provides practical ideas and a checkli for how to design something simila.r Whatever your location or level, you can use your environment as a resource.

About Vicki

Vicki started teaching English after completing her CELTA in 2011. She taught English in schools, universities and businesses in Chile and Spain, before returning to study a Delta at International House in 2016. She now works as a teacher and coordinator at IH London, on General English and exam courses.

She has an MA in Linguistics and is also a keen language learner who enjoys studying French, Spanish and Basque.