Online training FAQ

We address some common questions and concerns Online Teacher Training candidates may have about training online.

Do I have to log on at specific times?

No, the times you log on to your online course are entirely up to you.

There are no fixed times when all participants are expected to be online, as participants may be working in different time zones from each other and your tutor.

However, when you log on you can see on the right hand side of your screen if any of your co-participants are also logged on, and you have the facility to chat to them in real time.

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How much time am I expected to spend per week on each module or task?

Most online training courses are made up of modules or tasks. You should expect to spend about five hours working on them each week.

This time includes the time you spend online, associated reading and research tasks, and posting to the Discussion Forums (as well as reading and responding to the postings of your co-participants).

You may of course choose to spend more time than this, but it is unlikely that you will spend less. We would strongly advise you to log on at least once a day so that you can participate fully in the discussions and also support your co-participants.

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I've never done an online course before; will I need a lot of technical and IT knowledge?

Once you have been accepted onto an online course and your payment has been processed, you will be sent full instructions about how to access the training modules.

Some courses have an Orientation Module for you to work through before the course starts. This helps to familiarise you with Moodle, the VLE [Virtual Learning Environment] that we use.

It is also an opportunity to get to know your tutor and the other course participants. Most course participants find that Moodle is easy and straightforward to use. However, your tutor is always available if you have any problems or questions.

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I'm worried that I will feel isolated working on-line; will I get help?

Online training courses are designed so that you work interactively with other participants. Your tutor will also log on every day and is available to help and guide you through the modules.

You can communicate directly with your tutor through Moodle's on-line Message facility and with other course participants. If you are logged on at the same time as another course participant, you have the opportunity to chat with them.

Although you may not working with fellow participants in a classroom setting, online training courses have a dedicated tutor and lots of interaction and support.

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