The Future of Training Conference

The Future of Training Conference

Share your knowledge and ideas, boost your career credentials.

The Future of Training Conference

IH London is delighted to welcome you to the Future of Training Conference on 23rd and 24th November.  The conference will represent both our 65 year heritage and our tradition of innovation.  We would like to invite you to be a part of that and shape the future of training with us.

IH London’s founders pushed boundaries and developed the first teacher training qualification in 1962, which went on to become the CELTA we know today.

However, the world today is not the world of 1962. How much has the industry evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of the global market?


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Through our keynotes and workshops, we will explore some of the biggest issues facing the teacher training industry today, as seen from the point of view of trainees, trainers, management, school directors, and key industry stakeholders.

Location: It will take place at 16 Stukeley Street, Covent Garden, International House London.

6.30pm – 8pm on Friday 23rd November  

9.00am – 6pm on Saturday 24th November 2018, with a drinks reception to follow.

Price: £80


Book your place at The Future of Training Conference 

The conference is now fully booked. However, you can contact us at if you would like to be added to the waiting list.


Who is this Conference for?

- School Directors
- Academic Directors
- Sales and Marketing Directors
- Teacher Trainers
- Teachers in Training

Conference Program

Friday 23rd November

Time: 18.30 – 20.00

18.00   Arrival, Registration and Drinks
18.30  Conference Opening and Welcome
 18:45  Panel: Real teachers, real needs. Our panel of teachers in various stages of their careers will share their thoughts and experiences of training and development.
 19:30  Discussion: Looking backward, thinking forward. In response to the panel, and in relation to your own experience and context, you will work with fellow delegates to identify common threads and shape a series of questions which will be explored throughout the remainder of the conference
 20:00  Drinks reception. Following the reception at IH, you are welcome to join us at the pub. 

Saturday 24th November

Time: 9:00- 18.00 with drinks reception to follow

09:00 Arrival and Registration
09.30 Conference Opening with Jess Andrews
09:45 Opening Plenary: A little more conversation, a little more action, with Danny Norrington-Davies
 10:45  Coffee break
 11.15 Plenary: The baby AND the bathwater, with Gabriel Diaz Maggioli
12:15  Break

Training the Future Trainer – Practice vs Theory. Will Nash (talk)  

Are we undermining ourselves? The dangers of parochialism in ELT. Ben Beaumont (talk)

Exploring Trainer Development: stories, experiences, practices. Teti Dragas (workshop)

Don’t forget the online teacher. Lindsay Warwick (workshop)

Trends in training – a Cambridge perspective. Tim Banks (talk)




PEP talks for teacher development. Nick Bilborough (talk) 

What if we took away input? Melissa Lamb (workshop)

What do we mean by ‘appropriate’ model? Martin Oetegenn (workshop)

What the E L does it stand for anyway? Jo Stansfield (talk)

Making sense of meaning. Gabriela Petchey (workshop)

 15:30  Break

Striking the Balance. Nikki Fortova (talk) 

We’ve always done it that way… Sinead Laffan (talk)

Up creek, no paddle: training in language skills teaching. John Field (talk) 

Synchronous online teaching observation standards. Where is the love? Renata Franco Wilmot (workshop)

Introducing differentiation on short initial teacher training courses. Karin Krummenacher (talk)

 17:00 Closing Q&A Panel with Adrian Underhill, Fiona Dunlop, Jason Anderson and Marie Willoughby
 17.00  Closing Q&A Panel with Adrian Underhill, Fiona Dunlop, Jason Anderson and Marie Willoughby
 17:55  Closing Remarks
 18:00  Drinks reception

Keynotes, Workshops and Q&A Panels

Our selection of speakers incorporates teachers, teacher trainers, academic directors and school directors. Together we will explore the future direction of the industry of teacher training from an academic and commercial perspective and seek answers to the questions: what do teachers and teacher trainers need now, what will they need in the future, and are our current courses delivering that? How can we ensure we are continually innovating and developing our existing courses to meet the changing needs of the teacher training market?


Click here to see our Speaker Abstracts


Speaker Proposals at The Future of Training Conference

Speaker proposal submissions are now closed.  Thank you for submitting your speaker proposal for the conference. We are currently reviewing the submissions and will email you the result of your proposal shortly.