Our Erasmus funding guide explains who is eligible for Erasmus funding, how to apply and which courses you can choose as part of the funding scheme for language teachers.


What is Erasmus funding? 

Erasmus is a programme that offers funding for language teachers to train in the UK and develop their teaching skills.

Erasmus funding covers: your course, accommodation, sustenance and travel costs.

It replaces the previous funding programmes such as Comenius, Grundtvig and Erasmus+. 

Europass for Polish teachers 

Europass is part of Erasmus funding and our courses are eligible. Our teachers can sign your Europass documents at the end of the course. 

Who can apply for Erasmus funding?

Erasmus funding is open to teachers from the 28 member states of the European Union as well as Iceland, Turkey, Macedonia, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland.

You can apply for funding for your teacher’s course if you are a:

  • Qualified and practising teacher of an official language of the EU
  • Trainer of foreign language teachers
  • Teacher re-training as a foreign language teacher
  • Primary school teacher whose responsibilities include teaching foreign languages
  • Teacher of other subjects through the medium of a foreign language
  • Language teacher re-entering the profession after a period away from teaching
  • Inspector or advisor in the field of language teaching

You are still eligible even if you have received Erasmus+ or Comenius funding before. 

Which training courses can I receive funding for? 

All IH London teacher development courses are eligible for Erasmus funding. We offer a wide range of teacher development courses to suit all interests and levels.

View the full range of IH London teacher development courses that you can take with Erasmus funding.

You can also use Erasmus funding for our General English courses.

Choose which course you would like to do and contact us to reserve your place. You can reserve your place on a course while you wait for your funding decision.

Your school will need confirmation of your place for their funding application. 

How do I apply for Erasmus funding? 

Schools, organisations, training institutes and universities can apply for Erasmus funding on your behalf. You cannot apply individually anymore.

Your organisation needs to register as an applicant organisation on the European Commission Authentication Service (ECAS).

Talk to the person responsible for staff development at your school and ask them to register, if they haven’t already. They will receive a OID number (formerly known as PIC number) once registered, which is needed for the application.

Ask your school to complete a European Development Plan (they might already have one and they might already have funding – always worth asking!)

Your school then completes an Erasmus application form (KA1). The award criteria is specified in the Erasmus Programme Guide.

IH London’s OID number is: E10173828. You will need this for the application.

Your school will find out directly from Erasmus if your funding has been granted. You then need to confirm your reserved course with us.

When is the Erasmus funding deadline? 

The latest deadline is to be confirmed. But if your school was accepted for the funding in 2020 and you were not able to use it, please check with your national agency as you may still be allowed to use this funding in 2021 or for an online Teacher Training course.

How will Brexit affect Erasmus funding? 

Erasmus published a Brexit update statement from the UK Government that stated it still encourages organisations to bid for Erasmus funding. The underwrite guarantee covers all successful bids for Erasmus funding that are submitted before the UK exits the EU.

The following advice has been given by English UK:

  • If the UK leaves the European Union having reached a deal, Erasmus funding will continue until the end of the 2020-2021 academic year. 
  • If no deal is reached and the UK leaves the European Union, the funding will end but has still been guaranteed to continue until the end of 2019 provided budget contributions continue to be honoured by the UK. 
  • The next phase of the Erasmus funding project is between 2021-2027 and it is likely that the UK will want to ensure its future involvement in this scheme. 

Updates can be found at: www.erasmusplus.org.uk/brexit-update

Get your funding application in as soon as possible. Apply now!


Need help with your Erasmus application? 

For further information, to check on an application or to let us know about your funding decision, contact our Erasmus team: erasmus@ihlondon.com

Download the Erasmus funding guide 

Got a question?

Contact our friendly team who are always happy to help and can speak many languages. 

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