Learn in Covent Garden, in the heart of the city.

We are based in the beautiful Covent Garden in central London, famous for its shops, cafes, restaurants and theatres. 

Being located in the center of the city means that you can spend your time exploring the best of what London has to offer. 

We have invested millions in our London school, which sits across nine floors. We have the largest ELT library in London with over 10,000 books, journals and digital resources for you to use (all included with your course). Find out more about our London school and services. 

Our expert trainers are our greatest asset. Leaders in the field of English language, many of whom are published authors, our trainers are devoted to their field. Regularly speaking at conferences and events around the world, you can trust the most experienced minds in the industry to help you further your own knowledge. You can find out more about the whole team on our meet the trainers page.

Expert Series

Learn with Adrian Underhill

Sound foundations author Adrian Underhill shares his expertise in pronunciation and performance in this expert course. Develop your own personal expression in the classroom and refine skills to help your learners bring their spoken English to life.

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Life in Britain

Experience British culture and gain insight into contemporary British issues. Explore the city and learn how to integrate and adapt authentic materials into your classes.

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Practical Teacher

One of our most popular courses. In two weeks you will develop skills in producing resources, practical ideas and methods to transform your classroom and encourage your students. This course is also available with the Trinity CERT PT qualification.

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Current Trends

Take a look at the current trends in English language teaching in this in depth course. Explore the latest methodology and theoretical thinking, and understand how you can apply this to your lessons.

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Materials Development

Focus on developing and adapting effective and unique materials for your classroom. This course will make you confident enough as a materials designer that you are willing to share what you do with the wider ELT community. This course is also available with the Trinity CERT PT qualification.

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Teach business English anywhere in the world with this globally recognised qualification. Improve your skills and understand the methods applied to effectively teach business English. This course will prepare you for the English UK Cert IBET assessment.

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Teaching Young Learners

Evaluate your activities, materials and resources to be suitable and effective for teaching young learners. This one week course will help you to consider how content and language are adapted for younger students, as well as develop your classroom management, behaviour and motivational skills.

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Saturday Series

Language Teaching Refresher

Run across four Saturdays, during this course you will review your knowledge and skills. Perfect for new teachers or teachers who have spent some time away from the classroom, boost your confidence and refine your teaching.

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Teaching Grammar

Develop your skills for the future and get fresh ideas for working with grammar in your classes.

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Academic Manager Development

Develop your skills as an academic manager in one week with the expert trainers at IH London.

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Saturday Series: Focus on teaching young learners

A short, practical course for qualified EFL teachers that runs over two Saturdays.

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Teaching Exams

The course will give you practical advice to keep your students motivated and help them make the progress they need to pass exams.

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