Language to make you shine

You already have the business experience, but communicating with people in English can bring challenges: choosing the right way to say something matters for the clarity of the message, how it is received, and what people think about you.

Avoid Language pitfalls

The nuances of the English language are vast. There are many different ways to say the same thing, and people with English as a native language attribute meaning to each one – that meaning is
not always obvious to non-native English speakers. You can be misunderstood, even if a dictionary says otherwise. We are here to help.

Gain skills and confidence

Our professional language trainers can be your guide to gaining confidence in the language skills that matter most to you: presentations, written materials, or simply to improve your small talk and networking skills in English. Wherever you work, or want to work, it’s about people and connecting with them – confidently.

Short courses to advance quickly

We understand our professional clients are busy and want to get the maximum benefit out of a short time with us. We work to your goals to ensure you excel in the language skills you want to focus on. We will help you get to the next step of your career.

Perfect environment to focus on your goals

You will have your own space, with calm and relaxing break-out areas, with quiet spaces for you to take calls and answer work emails (if necessary). Tea, coffee and refreshments are provided, as well as a range of newspapers, all complimentary. Free wi-fi throughout, of course.

Expand your international network

We offer a range of guest talks and social events for you to meet other international business professionals. The world is more connected than ever and who you meet on a course at IH London could open doors for you.


We have our own accommodation team that can help organise your stay in London.

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Experience London

We have a full social programme for our professional clients, that allows you to network, have fun and practise your English.

Explore London

Got a question?

Take a look at our frequently asked questions or contact our friendly multilingual team who are always happy to help you.

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Why train with us?

The Executive Centre, with panoramic views across the London skyline, is reserved exclusively for our professional clients.

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