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Working as an IH teacher in the YL Summer School in Oxford has been an inspirational and rewarding experience. I was happy to facilitate students from all over the world to work together towards common goals. I witnessed culturally diverse groups acting as responsible world citizens, while creating meaningful and high-quality projects. The Future Leaders programme offered a lot more than quality education; it presented students with the opportunity to develop their intercultural, negotiation and presentation skills in the process of becoming aware of world problems and providing solutions for them, as well as coming up with wonderful business ideas that were eco-friendly and ethical.

The experience has enriched me as an educator. Being part of a great team of teachers gave me a wonderful sense of camaraderie and ongoing CPD.   The brilliant ideas and hopes of our students for a better future has restored my faith in humanity.

What I loved most about this experience was the exposure to such a huge  cultural  diversity, meeting so many wonderful people from around the world and making friends with them.

This experience helped me enhance my communication and  intercultural skills, as well as shed light on my perspective career plans showing  the kind of job and environment I want to pursue.

One of the most satisfying parts of this job for me was watching my students making friends from around the world and creating a kind of supportive community in our boarding house where everyone felt welcome. It is truly rewarding to hear from the students leaving the campus that they felt like at home here. This is what this job is all about, enabling students making beautiful memories while making sure they are cared for and safe. I also cannot forget about all amazing staff members who I had pleasure to work with, we made a perfect team and always had each other’s back.

Thanks to working as a House Supervisor, I gained pastoral experience in a diverse international community. I strengthened my leadership and organisational skills as well as the ability to communicate effectively with both students and other staff members. I also improved at independent problem solving and became more confident in facing new challenges.


What I love most about working for International House Summer Schools as Centre Manager is the huge sense of reward when everything works, and you know that it’s because you fostered a great working environment for your team, provided support and encouragement, and met all of your challenges head on and dealt with them in the best way possible. I love being responsible for so many people, staff and students alike, and watching every single one of them leave with a sense of achievement and reward. And the fact that you’re doing all of this every day with people from all over the world means that you are surrounded by people with different languages and cultures, all working together to reach common goals. A truly fascinating and fulfilling experience!