Spring and Summer English Courses for Future Leaders

The Future Leaders course is designed to help students develop core skills that will enable them to be more innovative and creative. 

This isn’t an English course but is conducted in English. It is a programme that is designed to bring the best out of each participant and equip the students with skills that will be useful in the future. These are core skills that are sought by universities and employers, such as critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, teamworking skills and presentation skills – all within an international context, but with a focus on business related leadership and social entrepreneurship.

This course is a two-week course designed for school groups or individuals and is run like a conference, with students enjoying an exciting programme of guest speakers and expert lectures. The programme culminates in a group presentation and prize-giving ceremony.

Students should be at least a B2 level of English for this course and we can offer a free online test for students who are not sure of their current level. 

There are three different themes that students can choose ot work on:

  • Entrepreneurship and leadership skills (business-related) – Oxford spring and summer
  • World Leader (environment, digital-age, poverty) – Ellesmere summer
  • Pre-University (a taste of studying at University level) – Oxford summer

Here at International House London, we provide a safe, nurturing environment where students can relax and feel at home during their stay.

How it works

For schools:

  1. School teachers register their interest for the spring or summer course
  2. Suitable schools are accepted
  3. Teachers find our whichof their students are interested
  4. The teachers and students select a theme
  5. Pre-course material is sent to the groups so they can plan their projects ahead of time
  6. Students start their pre-conference project online.
  7. Students participate in the course
  8. Students implement their projects in the community (optional)

 For individuals:

  1. Individual students register for the spring or summer course
  2. Students get a chance to network with other participants on the programme
  3. Students start their pre-conference project work online
  4. Students participate in the course
  5. Students implement their projects in the community (optional)

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