Outside of classes, our staff supervise students during meal times and during break times in communal areas. All activities and trips are supervised and ratios adhered to based on the age of students and the activity they are taking part in.

On occasions, students over the age of 12, may be given free time or shopping time on trips however this is risk assessed by our staff, and students are given clear guidelines: such as shopping in a minimum of threes and within an area which allows our staff to monitor. 

Bespoke courses for young learner groups booked for our adult school in London don’t have on-site residential accommodation or 24/7 supervision available. If you would like this, book your course at one of our young learner centres


We have 10 young learner courses to choose from, for a range of ages and for a range of interests. Your child will find something that sparks their interest.

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There are five locations across the UK for you to choose from. We use the excellent facilities at each of the colleges to run our own young learner courses with our own IH London Young Learner team.

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Last year, we welcomed students from over 90 countries on our young learner courses.

One price – all trips, accommodation and meals included.

All senior staff have student safeguarding and student welfare training every year.

Our Young Learner Centres are accredited by The British Council.