Summer course for ages 12-17 years, to learn English and excel in sports or arts with a professional coach


This popular course offers a high level of English language teaching, alongside the chance for students to develop their skills in a wide range of activities, all coached by professionals in their field.

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We choose locations with excellent facilities for our summer schools, with all parts of our courses run by our own Young Learner staff.

Course summary


Students learn and practise their English and at the same time they develop their team- working and problem-solving skills. English language teachers deliver 15 hours of lessons a week, and professional coaches instruct six hours per week of the chosen activity. There is a great range of activities to choose from for each centre. Excursions are also a big part of the course, with one full-day and one half-day trip to places of interest in the UK included every week.

Explore new topic themes every week

Learning outcomes

Your child will:

  • Improve their spoken English Increase their English vocabulary
  • Increase their English vocabulary
  • Try new activities and improve their skills with a professional coach
  • Make new friends from around the world
  • Be prepared for studying in an English- speaking environment

Course content

English language teachers deliver 15 hours of lessons a week, and professional coaches instruct six hours per week of the chosen activity. There is a great range of sports and arts activities to choose from (see below).

Students enjoy English lessons in the morning and activities conducted in English in the afternoon. Students learn and practise their English and at the same time they develop their team-working and problem-solving skills.

Excursions are also a big part of the course, with one full-day and one half-day trip to places of interest in the UK included every week. There are evening activities every night, including quizzes, fashions shows, talent competitions and treasure hunts.

Lessons 15 hours every week
Professional coaching 6 hours every week
Study trips 1.5 days every week
Other activities, including sports and arts and crafts. 20 hours every week

Professional coaching activities

The programme allows you to combine academic lessons in English with sports activities, which are really good in order to practise your English, as well as making friends from all over the world which is an incredible opportunity.

Leopoldine, France

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Active Adventure offers students the opportunity to try a range of different adventure sports such as climbing, archery, abseiling, high ropes courses, raft building or kayaking.

Available at: Ellesmere and Frensham


Focus on techniques such as dribbling, ball handling, and different types of shooting. Students apply what they have learned to a competitive game at the end of each session.

Available at: Moulton, Oxford.


After coaching in different styles (including Capoeira, Jazz, Street, Bollywood and Salsa), students will create their own dances, producing solo, partner and group work.

Available at: Moulton, Oxford.


Students are divided into levels according to their ability and coached in technique and tactics. Each session ends with a tournament where students practise what they have learned.

Available at: Ellesmere, Frensham, Moulton, Oxford.


Students will be coached in techniques such as golf swings, fitness and diet. Each session will end with students taking part in a round of golf on the centre’s own golf course.

Available at: Ellesmere, Oxford. 

Horse riding

Includes horse trekking through spectacular scenery, a fast hack, flat work and jumping. Stable management and maintenance are also covered.

Available at: Ellesmere, Moulton.

(There is an additional charge of £150 per week for this activity).


This is for students who would like to be the next big movie producer. They will learn about camera skills, movie effects, directing actors, script writing and editing their own movie.

Available at: Oxford.


Students will get the opportunity to practise their own instrument or to learn something new. The course will allow them to develop techniques and work towards an end of course performance which will be recorded for them to take home.

Available at: TBC

Performing Arts

The new Performing Arts course focuses on a variety of skills, including body language, facial expressions, and set design. Students learn to command the stage and practise their performance, while working towards a final performance that will be shown at the end of course show.

Available at: Ellesmere, Frensham.


Techniques covered include: composition, lighting, and indoor and outdoor photography. Students build up a portfolio of images to take home at the end of the course.

Available at: Oxford.


Students will learn new skills and techniques while focusing on safety awareness and water confidence.

Available at: Ellesmere, Frensham. 



Sessions are designed to improve all aspects of the student’s game, including footwork patterns and racquet technique. Students will then show off what they have learned in a match at the end of each session.

Available at: Ellesmere, Oxford. 

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Last year, we welcomed students from over 90 countries on our young learner courses.

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All senior staff have student safeguarding and student welfare training every year.

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