IELTS speaking part three is an academic discussion and much more formal than parts one and two.

Your answers don’t need to be too long but should be developed fully:

IELTS Speaking test Part 3 diagram

Part three questions often ask for your general thoughts on an issue; advantages and disadvantages; how the issue has changed from the past until now; and how you think the issue will change in the future.

Practice makes perfect

Think about an issue you have read about or heard in the news e.g. global warming.

Ask yourself:

  • How do I feel about the issue? Why?
  • How has the situation changed over the past 50 years? Give examples.
  • What will the situation be like in 10 years time and how can we improve it for the future?

It is very useful to record yourself speaking on your smartphone and listen back to your answers.

Remember to be positive! No one likes the sound of their own voice and it’s easy to be too critical of the way you sound, but this is a very quick and effective way to improve your speaking skills.

Find out more about the IELTS exam and what it can be used for here:

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