We recently ran a survey to gather some feedback from our past trainees, which we have outlined below:

  • Over 50{6a211b0dac9bf69a9f90ddc77bdcaafc18e647fd8e5b3f6b13e9543529f93c46} heard about the Modern Languages Teacher Training course from Google search, and over 30{6a211b0dac9bf69a9f90ddc77bdcaafc18e647fd8e5b3f6b13e9543529f93c46} from a friend.
  • The overall general impression of the course is very good, with 40{6a211b0dac9bf69a9f90ddc77bdcaafc18e647fd8e5b3f6b13e9543529f93c46} stating this, and over 20{6a211b0dac9bf69a9f90ddc77bdcaafc18e647fd8e5b3f6b13e9543529f93c46} thought the course was excellent.
  • Over 50{6a211b0dac9bf69a9f90ddc77bdcaafc18e647fd8e5b3f6b13e9543529f93c46} thought the course timetable was manageable, and over 30{6a211b0dac9bf69a9f90ddc77bdcaafc18e647fd8e5b3f6b13e9543529f93c46} thought the course timetable suited them perfectly.
  • 76{6a211b0dac9bf69a9f90ddc77bdcaafc18e647fd8e5b3f6b13e9543529f93c46} of past trainees thought the length of the course was just right.
  • 55{6a211b0dac9bf69a9f90ddc77bdcaafc18e647fd8e5b3f6b13e9543529f93c46} of them believe the course fee was justified by the quality of the course and facilities.
  • 60{6a211b0dac9bf69a9f90ddc77bdcaafc18e647fd8e5b3f6b13e9543529f93c46} of them live in London.
  • Over 80{6a211b0dac9bf69a9f90ddc77bdcaafc18e647fd8e5b3f6b13e9543529f93c46} of past trainees are currently working.
  • 70{6a211b0dac9bf69a9f90ddc77bdcaafc18e647fd8e5b3f6b13e9543529f93c46} of them are teaching at present.
  • 58{6a211b0dac9bf69a9f90ddc77bdcaafc18e647fd8e5b3f6b13e9543529f93c46} believe that the CLTA helped them find teaching work.
  • 75{6a211b0dac9bf69a9f90ddc77bdcaafc18e647fd8e5b3f6b13e9543529f93c46} would recommend this course to a friend.

Andrés Felipe Martín completed the French CLTA course at International House London in 2013. Andrés describes his experiences post-CLTA: “After a year and a half in Madrid studying English and German, I found a position as a Spanish teacher in Mayotte, in the Indian Ocean. I’m really happy here and I would like to share with you a couple of photos with some of my students”.

Here is a photo of Andrés, and his current students:

IH London_French CLTA 2

To share your experiences with us after completing the CLTA, please email us your news and photos to: sarah.morris@ihlondon.com

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