At International House London, we pride ourselves on supporting young people to thrive in the world today. So, as part of our World Leaders course, we commit to carbon offsetting for flights taken by students who attend our course in Oxford.

At a time where global issues are more important than ever,  young people are holding governments accountable to act on what is now recognised as a climate emergency

In response, the UN member states put together an action plan for 17 sustainable goals to be reached by 2030. Consequently, these goals are being led by the next generation of engaged youth. 

International House London to offset students' carbon emissions

A new era for International House London with World Leaders

With this in mind, we want to do our bit! In this instance, we are starting with our Young Learners World Leaders programme. 

International House London has developed a new Young Learners course for 2019, under the Future Leaders branch. The new course, World Leaders, is based around the UN’s sustainable goals. Namely, the focus of the course is on Quality Education, Affordable and Clean Energy and Sustainable Cities and Communities.

During the World Leaders course, students will have a workshop with the UN SDG Action Campaigns Global Events Manager, Hannah Messenger. There will also be a workshop with the representative for WaterAid, Dick Stevens.

“Our aim is to equip young people to go out and educate others on global issues, such as carbon emissions and sustainability, ” said the YL Operations Manager, Stephen Buswell.

Offsetting carbon emissions resulting from students’ travel

Education is key to sustainable development. However, in the fight against climate change, we aim to inspire action and lead by example. We want to show our students practical ways of being environmentally responsible. This is why IH London commit to carbon offsetting for flights taken by our students to attend our World Leaders course in 2019.

In line with the UNFCCCs ‘Climate Neutral Now’ initiative, we will measure, reduce and compensate for carbon emissions by using UN certified emission reductions (CERs) to fund renewable energy projects.

 Most importantly, we will give students the opportunity to decide how they want to offset their carbon emissions. For example, students will be able to choose which charity they want to support. IH London will then make sure the appropriate donation is made towards that charity.

It is an initiative aiming to stir action towards a brighter future for the next generation.

Find out more about the UN’s 17 sustainable development goals to be reached by 2030 or visit the UN Climate Action page to see what you can do as an individual or a company.

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