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While you are studying at home (or maybe in a park in the sunshine!), we have lots of ideas and tips for helping you practise your English skills. And when you need to take a break, there are plenty of ways to experience the local British culture this summer. Take a look at our advice and social events below.


Conversation club

For those who’d like some more speaking practise, come and join our conversation club on Tuesdays between 3.30 – 4.30pm BST. Each week you will get to discuss everyday topics, learn new vocabulary and get to meet students from around the world. No need to sign up in advance, you can just come along. So, grab a cup of tea, a few biscuits and get ready to have a natter*.

*another word for conversation


Keep up with the news

Reading the news in English can be a challenge so why not try listening to a short video report instead? BBC Learn English’s YouTube channel has plenty of updates on lots of current issues such as the Black Lives Matter movement, Coronavirus and even Beyonce’s new single! You can listen to the news and improve your English at the same time. The great thing is, you can listen to the video again if you don’t understand something – perfect!


Watch a virtual music festival

The UK is famous for its music festivals which take place across the country every summer. Sadly, this summer we can’t listen to live music outside but, we can still hear the music online. This year the UK’s most famous music festival, Glastonbury marks its 50th anniversary, and to celebrate you can watch lots of iconic performances from previous years at home, online. You could look up some of the song lyrics on your phone and sing along from your sofa! Find out more here.


Let’s go to the movies!

For all you film fans out there, you will soon be able to visit cinemas once again. From 10th July, Cineworld and Picturehouse cinemas will be open and you can catch up on those movies you missed. There will be new safety measures in place, so make sure you read the website information carefully. If you have a car (or someone in your household does) you could try a drive-in cinema experience. You will be safely distanced from others and can watch both a classic film and enjoy the warm summer evening temperatures.

foreign films london


App of the month

Improve your English on the go! Each month we recommend an app to help you learn new skills at the touch of a button. Today’s suggestion is Wordable which is perfect for learning new vocabulary in a fun way that tests your general knowledge too. Powered by Cambridge Dictionary you can look at both meaning, pronunciation and examples all at once. This app is perfect for all levels but is also great for those preparing for exams! What are you waiting for?


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