“A pint and a Pie for ten pounds”

“Pie and Mash”

“Apple Pie”

“Steak and Kidney”

“Chicken and Mushroom”

“Minced Pies”

Pies, pies, pies…..they are everywhere!

Whether they are sweet, savory, gluten free, fresh or frozen, pies have accumulated and become present in British culture for many years.  Remaining a working-class treasure throughout generations, the timeless era of pie continues to flourish as an iconic and favoured treat embedded within British culture.

Originating from East London in the early 19th century, pie and mash shops have grown and flourished all over the capital. Still today, they remain a popular dish in restaurants, fish and chip shops and of course the local pub, more commonly known as classic “pub grub”.

Whilst the occurrence of these pies originally originated as a tailor-made food for the working-class, it seems today that underneath these layers of crispy brown pastry, a rather classless experience has been cooked up!  For example, head chef at the Fence Gate Inn in Lancashire, created a meat pie which divided into eight slices rounded up a total cost of £8,195.

So yes, it seems that everyone wants a slice of the action.

On top of this, dietary requirements have become more advanced, as we have now seen the pie evolve from its original meaty traits! Vegan, vegetarian, Gluten Free and any other adaptations have become present across the UK including London.

Therefore, pies have remained not only a piece of British culture, but have also experienced many adaptations so that everyone can enjoy them.

Would you like to try some pie in London? See below the top 10 reviewed Pie shops as discovered by Google.

Top 10 Pie shops in London – according to Google.


M Manze – Bermondsey

Bringing hot and cold pies to life, M Manze located in Bermondsey London, offers hot and cold deliveries and opened in 1878.  Successfully running over a century of businesses, their pies are cooked in a traditional stone oven, restoring the classic and fresh taste legacy their pies have continued to offer.


Castles Pie and Mash – Camden Town

Another historical classic, Castles Pie and Mash opened in 1934 in the iconic destination of Camden Town. This North London luxury owns the title of “Camden’s oldest restaurant”, offering a range of delicious pies.


Arments Pie and Mash

“Bringing the flavour of London to you” – Arments Pie and Mash serves up a range of traditional English Pies and is home to a vintage décor. As you walk in, you will step into a time machine, as you devour mouth watering historical recipes and dine in a design replicating the era of its birth. We all love a bit of that retro feel to a place, don’t we?


Goddards – Greenwich

Another pie shop over 100 years old! Yes, that’s correct, it seems that the history of pie is undefeatable. Offering a range of traditional, modern and dessert pies, this dose of history also offers pie parties in their restaurant which can sit 125 people.

Can you think of anything better than a pie party?


F Cooke – Hoxton 

The F Cooke Hoxton, perhaps known as an “old school” venue, serves classic cockney favourite pies including fruit and savoury options alongside a traditional cup of tea or coffee. The perfect place to fill your stomach and to quench your thirst, whilst being getting lost in the transcendent East End vibes.


Cockney’s Pie and Mash – Portobello Road

“Cockney” is a term created for Londoners, typically east enders, “an individual who possess much of the regional slang and regional accent”. Therefore, this place is true to its roots as mentioned in its name “Cockney’s”.


Basttersea Pie Station – Covent Garden Market

A stone throws away from International House London, is the Battersea Pie station. In Covent Garden Market (the oldest market in London). Much fresher to the scene, this establishment opened in 2007 and ever since has been offering a range of traditional pies, pasties. Also, you can enjoy a beer or w wine with your pie. What is better than a pie and a pint whilst you in the middle of the central London rush?


G Kelly – Bow

Okay, so we are going back to the early 1900’s yet again! We did mention that the evolution of pies was the early 1900s, right? Well, it’s fair to say that this is proving true. Established in 1939, this pie shop offers a range of traditional pies and Eels too.


EastEnders Pie and Mash

Finally, Eastenders Pie and Mash serves up yet another east end treat! Not only does it promise the delivery of traditional and filling pies, but also events / functions are put on the table. Weddings, Anniversary’s, Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Cockney nights are just a few things which they have to offer. They also cater for pubs in and around London, spreading the love of pie across the city.


So, there you have it, Pie is on the menu and it’s everywhere in London for you. So why not grab one today? Whether it’s International Pie Week or not, there is something for everyone.

Who knew that time travel was possible? It’s embedded within the power of pie and now it’s time for your to try!


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