For many generations the LGBT community has suffered scrutiny, discrimination and abuse. This lack of acceptance has affected many individual’s lives resulting in homelessness, loneliness and in extremes of situations suicide.Whilst much of the world has taken a new attitude to The LGBT community, many still reject acceptance to the extent of the death penalty being the sentence in 6 countries for consensual same-sex sexual acts.However, for the extreme horrors and barriers which face the LGBT community, many positives have formulated worldwide and within the UK.

International house London adopts a zero-tolerance policy to any form of discrimination or hatred toward the LGBT community. Not only does this adhere to the law in the UK, but also to our own personal values. Everybody is your friend here, whether you are an LGBT individual or not, respect for everyone is priority and a necessity amongst everyone. We strongly believe in harmony and we cannot deliver this unless we offer acceptance to everybody’s differences.

Why not see below some significant historical moments in the LGBT history.

1. Gay Marriage – Since 2001 gay marriage became legalised in the Netherlands, following on from this it has flourished across many countries across the world including – Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom. (Plus maybe more)

2. Gay adoption – Parental rights for the LGBT community has not always been an easy ride and persists to face barriers within certain countries. In the UK however, adoption amongst same sex couples become legal in 2002. This means that the suitably of two individuals becoming parents, is assessed by identifying what quality of life that they can offer a child, minus the interference of prejudices.

3. Gay tourism UK –
Many Locations around the world thrive and survive from LGBT tourism, offering those who are a part of a community to a safe space to meet others. London has a variety of LGBT tourist attractions, as does the remainder of the UK,

4. Transgender rights UK – Since 4 April 2005, as per the Gender Recognition Act 2004, it is possible for transgender people to change their legal gender in the UK, allowing them to acquire a new birth certificate. Whatever your gender identity is, the UK and IH London respect and recognise that gender identity is more complicated than what meets the eye.

5. Bivisibility day – Sep 23rd Giving recognition to those who fall into the Bisexual category is an international day to recognise Bisexual individuals. This is a fantastic day to recognise that Bisexuality is a reality for many across the world, perhaps less understood than Homosexuality, however, is still valued and represented in LGBT communities worldwide.

6. National Coming out day – Sunday 11th October is the international coming out day, arguably easier for some than others. The fear and anxiety of acceptance ranks high for many individuals, however, to have an international day for this big moment in many peoples lives, provides a global supportive audience for those who need that extra bit of support.

7. PREP – Since the early 1980s, HIV was a daunting and horrifying particularly for Homosexual men in the LGBT community worldwide. A disease which son escalated to AIDS, created a televised panic in adverts / campaigns ultimately “putting the fear in the people”. However, treatments are now accessible for Homosexual males in the UK called PREP.

8. Corporate brand Sponsorship – Whilst scrutinised for commercialising many public festivals and events, Pride worldwide has leaped on board corporate sponsorship. This ensures the future financial stability and support of these events. But in principle, isn’t it phenomenal when a globalised corporation show support for a growing cause such as this? So much is left to overcome the Discrimination of the LGBT community and overcoming it will not happen overnight, however the support of globalised companies is surely a great place to start.

9. Pride Events – Pride events are now taking place worldwide, with a staggering number across the world viewable with the Gay Pride Calendar.

10. Gay Villages / Communities – LGBT venues across the world have formed communities or “Gay villages” as they are often referred to, welcoming individuals in and outside of its community. Celebrating diversity and individuality, these venues these venues offer not only a fun night life, but places of support for those who suffer discrimination. Soho in London is the renown gay village for the Capital and offers a diverse range of bars, clubs, restaurants and support centres (particularly down Old Compton Street).

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