With the launch of our coaching courses this month, we are pleased to introduce Ruth Hughes, our programme trainer.


Ruth has an impressive background and experience working as an executive coach, consultant, educator, and professional speaker in the fields of leadership, coaching psychology, positive psychology, cultural transition and international well-being. She has experience in the field of EFL, and after thirty years as a senior leader in the education and charity sectors, Ruth completed an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, founding her company Curious Human in 2018. She is a part-time tutor and lecturer on the Coaching Certificate course at Cambridge University (ICE), combining this with research supervision at the University of East London and keynote speaking at events and conferences including: ICEF Berlin; BSA/AEGIS/BAISIS, English UK; TENs and LLE; The Positive Psychology Symposium at New Bucks University; CUBO; The Association for Coaching and the British Psychological Society SFCG International Conference. She is also an Associate Consultant/Coach/Trainer with Compass Coaching, Strengthen Coaching and Worth-it Positive Education CIC.



“Ruth’s expertise, knowledge and passion for the subject make her a great speaker and trainer who always garners great feedback from participants at our events. Her work is important for the industry and every time she speaks, everyone in the room leaves feeling more knowledgeable and empowered in the work they do.”

Eleanor Thomas, Events and Training Officer at English UK


“Ruth is a dedicated and charismatic teacher and leader, whose nurturing, caring and consistent approach encourages both learning engagement and an ability to understand new ways of dealing with the strains and stresses of modern life. I would highly recommend this creative and intellectual individual to any organisation or individual wishing to feel valued and well served.” 

Julie Hartley, Director Hawthorn Oak Education.


With such positive feedback from our industry peers, we can’t wait to begin working with Ruth. Coaching courses with IH London provide senior leaders with the opportunity to identify and work on their leadership competencies and to achieve personal and professional goals. The courses are suitable for both native and non-native English speakers to help them boost their CV and career. Find out more about our coaching and leadership courses here.


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