At this time of year we love blasting out Christmas songs full volume, and we don’t just mean Wham and Mariah! There are loads of brilliant festive songs from around the world that are perfect for language students. Why not learn the lyrics and try to sign along? It’s a great way to get into the Christmas spirit and improve your language skills at the same time! Here are a few of our top picks from across the globe…


В лесу родилась ёлочка | V lesu rodilas’ yolochka (Russian)

This traditional Russian song is a cute piece about a little fir tree in the forest. It’s sweet and simple and one of the most popular songs in Russia during the festive period.


Buon Natale Se Vuoi – Eros Ramazzotti (Italian)

A legend of the Italian music scene, it’s only natural that Eros Ramazzotti would have an epic Christmas hit. Buon Natale (Se Vuoi) is an emotional ballad about the ups and downs of life and the world – think Band Aid but Italian.



O Tannenbaum (German)

Germany is home to some of the most popular and traditional Christmas carols. One of the favourites of the German team at IH London is O Tannenbaum. This handy video has lyrics in both German and English so is ideal for language students to sing along to.



هبه طوجي – هلليلويا | Hallelujah – Hiba Tawaji (Arabic)

This beautiful song is performed by popular Lebanese singer Hiba Tawaji. It’s a really pretty piece and perfectly portrays the magic of the Christmas season.



Un año más – Mecano (Spanish)

Mecano are one of the most famous Spanish bands of all time, with some amazing 80s hits. One of which is Un año más, a totally catchy tune which is perfect for New Year’s Eve.


Χριστούγεννα – Δέσποινα Βανδή | Despina Vandi – Christmas (Greek)

This up-beat Greek hit is a top choice for a boogie and perfectly brings to life the party spirit of the festive season. We challenge you to not start tapping your feet as soon as you hear this song!



Glay – Time for Christmas (Japanese)

Glay are a popular Japanese rock/pop band who formed in the late 80s and who have released many hits over the years. This rock ballad talks about spending Christmas with the person we love and is great for belting out at a party!



O Velhinho – Fernanda Takai (Portuguese)

O Velhinho is a really popular song at Christmas time in Brazil, with a pretty melody and heartfelt lyrics offering thanks to Santa for not leaving any children behind when delivering gifts.



Petit Papa Noel – Tino Rossi (French)

This classic French tune really takes people back to yesteryear! Originally recorded in 1946, by now the song has become the biggest selling single ever in France. We love this old video – you can really feel the warmth of that room!



This Christmas – Taeyeon (Korean)

We couldn’t have a global list of hits without some KPop could we? Superstar Taeyeon has a brilliant Christmas song full of emotion and with a classic video featuring snow, presents and hugs!



2999年的聖誕 | Christmas in 2999 – Michael Wong (Mandarin)

Michael Wong is well known for his romantic love songs and has had endless hits over the years. In this festive song he talks of being with his true love each Christmas day. It’s cheesy, upbeat, and we cant get enough!




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