As the New Year rolls on, it’s the perfect time take up a new hobby, and like many people you may be thinking of taking the plunge and learning a new language this year. We think that’s a brilliant choice, and can’t recommend it enough! Our multilingual staff love speaking in different languages everyday, sharing each others’ cultures, and helping more people enjoy the incredible world of language learning. So, why should you choose to study a language with IH London? Here are just a few reasons…



1. IH London was established in 1959 and from its long history of language teaching, course development and teacher training, is now one of the top-ranking language schools in the UK.


2. IH London is a founding member of IH World Organisation – a network of over 150 high quality language schools located across 52 countries.


3. We are regularly inspected by educational bodies such as the British Council and Eaquals, ensuring we deliver high quality courses to students.


4. We are proud to have a highly qualified team of professional teachers, who have extensive experience in teaching their language.



5. IH London offers both online and face-to-face classes from beginners to advanced levels, with regular start dates throughout the year.


6. For those who prefer face-to-face study, our school is located near Covent Garden and is a purpose-built language school boasting 9 floors of modern classrooms, as well as study areas and a library with a Foreign Languages section.


7. Both online and at school, our class sizes are kept small with an average size of 8 students.


8. All students have access to our online Moodle platform where language teachers upload notes for each class, and where extra resources can be found.


9. Students receive regular Top Tips emails with cultural and self-study recommendations to enhance their studies. From book and film recommendations, to vlogs, music and podcasts, we’ve got your downtime covered!



10. Themed events and workshops take place throughout the year, both online and face-to-face, introducing students to different elements of their language of choice’s culture.


11. Our social media platforms are very active, and offer lots of fun and interesting content to language learners. Follow us on: InstagramTikTok; TwitterFacebookLinkedIn; YouTube.


12. Get involved! We love running collaborative projects with our language students and having then showcase their skills on our social media. Students are always welcome to send us videos and blogs and get involved with different projects taking place at school.



13. Get in touch! We are always happy to discuss language learning with students. If you have any questions or want to find about more about studying a language with IH London, send us an email ( or give us a call (0207 611 2426).


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