CELT-S (Certificate in English Language Teaching – Secondary) is a fully online teacher training course for teachers of English to secondary level students (11-18 years).  Using blended learning, self-study, live input sessions, observations, and feedback from expert IH London trainers, this course will help you get the best from your students by developing your classroom skills and teaching confidence.

 The CELT-S will help you improve the quality of your classroom practice by:

  • developing and extending your knowledge and skills
  • focusing on the strategies, methods and materials you need to teach language effectively
  • helping you to manage and motivate large classes
  • providing you with strategies to ensure that all learners achieve their potential


CELT–S is a 120–hour blended learning course, comprising 8 online modules, 8 online portfolio tasks, 3 teaching observations, and 8 monthly IH London training sessions.

Online Modules

Each of the eight online modules provides a range of activities which will help you to engage with the course content and apply what you are learning to your classroom practice.  Each module includes regular progress tests.

 The module topics are as follows:


1 Classroom management in the secondary classroom ·       Creating and maintaining a constructive learning environment

·       Managing classroom activities effectively

·       Managing differences in the classroom.

2 Language learning and the teenage learner ·       Learning language in the secondary education sector

·       Learning needs, styles, motivations and preferences

·       Encouraging and supporting active and independent learning.

3 Teaching language skills ·       Teaching listening and reading

·       Teaching speaking

·       Teaching writing.

4 Language awareness for teaching ·       Grammar: word classes, grammar structures and how to use language for different functions

·       Vocabulary: key concepts, word formation and combining words

·       Pronunciation: key concepts, word and sentence stress, connected speech and intonation.

5 Teaching language in the secondary classroom ·       Key concepts, principles and techniques in teaching grammar, lexis and phonology.
6 Planning language learning in the secondary context ·       Planning a lesson

·       Writing lesson plans

·       Planning a programme of work.

7 Language learning resources and materials for the secondary classroom ·       Evaluating, selecting, using and adapting coursebook materials

·       Evaluating, selecting and using supplementary materials

·       Using teaching aids effectively, including technology.

8 Assessing language learning in the secondary context ·        Principles and purposes of classroom-based assessment

·        Classroom-based assessment tools

·        Formative and summative assessment.



IH London Seminars

Every month, you will work with your IH London tutor on each online module to:

  • develop and extend the online materials
  • engage in supportive discussions and practise activities relevant to your own classroom context.


Practical Portfolio Tasks

Each module includes a practical written task to allow you to apply what you have learned to your own classroom.

 Practical Teaching Observations

The teaching observations will give you the opportunity to:

  • Consolidate and put your online learning into practice
  • Receive developmental feedback from expert IH London trainers

Three observations are provided in total.  Two observations are developmental, and one is assessed as part of the course.  You will be observed in your own teaching context, teaching your own students.   If you are teaching online classes, this will be a live observation.

 By doing this course, you will improve your abilities in the classroom and gain two Cambridge English certificates: CELT-S and TKT: Module 1*

Online Live input: 1 Tuesday  a month: 7.30am – 9am (1.5 hours)

Self-study: Approximately 12 hours a month

Assessments: Approximately 2 hours a month



* This is an essential part of the course in order to achieve the CELT-S qualification. Please note this course must be booked and paid for separately and is not included in the price.


Click here to view a sample timetable:

CELT-S Timetable Sept 2021

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