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Russian Dining

Looking for somewhere to go for dinner tonight? Try Borshtch n Tears, a Russian restaurant located near Harrods. With a menu full of traditional dishes and plenty of vodka to chose from, it’s a great place to sample authentic Russian cuisine. At times there is live music playing too, which adds to the fun and friendly ambiance. 

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Moscow Ballet

On the 7th and 8th of August, Moscow’s Bolshoi Ballet will be performing Russian composer Shostakovich’s ‘The Bright Stream’ at The Royal Opera House. Premiering in 1935, the story tells of a group of dancers sent to entertain workers on a Soviet collective farm, and the comic trials and tribulations of the two groups together. Tickets start from £15 and can be purchased online. 

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Visit Russia in London

Discover a little piece of Russia right here in London! Dormition Russian Orthodox Cathedral in Knightsbridge is a fascinating place to stop by, and offers visitors in insight into the heart of Russian orthodox culture. The church is closed on Mondays but can be visited on other days of the week. Why not attend a service and transport yourself into another world – a wonderful experience! 


Check out our Library!

Did you know that we have a special foreign languages section for students in our library? From easy-readers and novels to grammar manuals and vocabulary activities, the books are free for our students to use. Why not visit the library and study or take a Russian book home today? 

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