Do you need IELTS results fast for your university? Did you know that Computer Delivered IELTS results are issued twice as quickly as paper based test results – only 5-7 days! Computer delivered IELTS test are available with IH London to help you get your results as fast as possible – you can even choose the time of your speaking test so it’s more flexible around you!

IH London is delighted to announce that after a few of weeks of lockdown and following extensive preparations, our IELTS test centre will be opening again on the 1st of June. We will be testing IELTS everyday in Central London in June. Find out more about out reopening here.


Why might a computer test be a good option for you? 

Computer delivered tests are available every day in June, three times a day – MORE FREQUENT 

Computer delivered test results are released in 7 days (paper-based results take 13 days) – FASTER RESULTS 

With computer delivered testing your written test can start at 9am or 1pm or 4pm and choose your speaking test time – MORE FLEXIBLE 


Is a computer test different to a paper-based test? 

No. The test content is the same and the same certificate (test report form) is issued for either test. 


What does the computer-based test look like? How do I know if I’ll like it? 

Why not have a look at this video to see what the test is like:  



And check out these useful videos too: 

Are you taking IELTS on a computer? Here are some helpful tips:


General Advice for taking IELTS on a computer:


Tips for your computer-delivered IELTS Writing test:



 And if you want to give it a go you can register for a free familiarisation test here.


What are some of the things that candidates like about computer delivered tests? 

·         The listening test is played through headphones 

·         There are fewer people in the test room 

·         They can choose the day and time of day that works for them  

·         They get to choose their speaking test time

·         They get results faster


Find out more about computer based IELTS testing here.


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