At IH London we are almost a week in to our new online Foreign Language courses and it’s been an exciting few days. Although the news and sudden changes to our lives have been difficult, we are pleased that we have been able to continue to deliver our classes to students, and hopefully provide some much needed respite during this strange period.

We’ve had some great feedback from teachers about their first classes, and are pleased to know that our students are adapting to the new virtual classrooms well.

See what some of our teachers have to say…


I had some experience in online teaching but just with 1-to-1 lessons as I always thought it was tricky to fit a group class online. After using Zoom with my Italian group class, I realised that my belief was wrong, because teaching a group class online is not only possible but also fun, engaging and interactive for both students and teachers! This platform is truly amazing as it has several functions which allow you to feel as you are in real classroom environment. In particular, I loved the breakout rooms feature which makes it possible to split students into groups or pairs to work together, and enables the teacher to jump in and out from one room to the other.  
foreign languages courses online  italian online classes
Giada – Italian Teacher
I thought the online class was brilliant as it made the students focus more. They participated actively and listened more carefully to others talking. Breakout rooms were useful. Another good thing about the online classes are that I can do something like a cooking class (planned for the last hour of the term) or a real life show and tell while teaching vocab. It’s just the beginning so I am sure it will be even better!
Yuensub – Korean Teacher

My first online teaching class with IH went extremely well – all the students enjoyed the class; we are all on the same learning curve and things will only get better with the experience. All my students particularly enjoyed the breakout groups.

Samir – Arabic Teacher


From my own point of view I am highly impressed by the power of Zoom to integrate cutting edge classroom tools in a package which actually delivers a better classroom experience. I am sure we will get used to not being in the same physical room and the sight of students learning in the comfort and safety of their own home is inspiring.

  russian online class

David – Russian Teacher


The responses to using Zoom are overwhelmingly positive. I asked all of my students how they would rate it, on a scale from 0-10; 95% of the students (in total over 30 students) gave it a 10/10. They also said things like: ”I loved it”; ”it was great fun”; ” so much better than I expected ”. 

Louis – German Teacher


One of our Arabic teacher’s, Rafa, and her students have been getting creative with their online classes. Each session, students prepare a presentation on a different subject, and take it in turns to share new ideas and vocabulary with their classmates. This is a really great way to engage with fellow students and share in the novelty of our new online courses. See them in action!

arabic online courses arabic online courses


It’s great to see our teachers and students enjoying their new online sessions, and we look forward to hearing more of their stories soon!

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