At IH London we are embracing our new online lessons and are really enjoying keeping in touch with our students and teachers via Zoom. We are delighted to be continuing with our Foreign Language classes during this strange time, and love how it provides some light relief for all. It seems our students are just as happy as we are! 

So how do you join an online course? All you need is a PC, laptop, tablet or phone with internet connection. Before the start of your course, you’ll be sent login details and simple instructions on how to join the virtual classroom on Zoom. Teachers deliver live lessons via video, just as they would in a face-to-face session, and emulate the structure of face-to-face classes as closely as possible, with grammar and vocabulary tutorials, speaking activities, pair work and more. 

We appreciate that many people still have questions about how online classes work, and doubts as to whether online would be the right option for them. With that in mind, we’d like to share with you some feedback from current students. See what they have to say about the move online! 


Spanish language student: ‘Really love how you guys have handled the situation. Zoom is awesome. Our teacher Roberto was really knowledgeable. Love how you can do 1-2-1 sessions with other students. For now it’s going great and I really appreciate how you guys responded to the crisis to keep delivering great lessons!’


Russian language student: ‘I was impressed that ILH was able to adapt to an online environment so quickly, including the teachers picking-up on the new technology.’


Korean language student: ‘It’s nice to be at home and have more room to spread out my notes and materials. I liked the breakout rooms and it seemed like our usual class in many ways. I appreciated getting the handout by email in advance so I had time to download it to my iPad and follow along with class on my laptop. I am grateful to our teacher and the school for finding a way to carry on classes. Continuing on my class has provided an important bit of normalcy to my routine in these unsettling times.’


German language student: ‘It is a good alternative to the classroom. It is still possible to have breakout areas where we can work in smaller groups, and possible for the teacher to share his screen so it’s similar to having a whiteboard.’


Italian language student: ‘Everyone’s at ease in the comfort of their homes. It’s easy to talk, easier to learn and absorb new words.’


Spanish language student: ‘I like that we have the ability to continue with all forms of language practice (speaking, listening, reading etc). Also the continued sense of community and making friendships. Keep them up, I really look forward to them in this difficult time and I know others in the group do too!’


Japanese language student: ‘Felt like just being in the classroom. Sensei was very confident and the level of teaching was just as good. The use of presentation (as we normally do) really helped. Class discussion and involvement – I believe – was on the same level and felt like I learned just as much as usual!’


French language student: ‘It’s so nice to see everyone when we are stuck at home!’


Arabic language student: ‘It was great to be able to learn from the comfort of my home. It’s been great so far and I would be very interested in future classes online that would allow remote learning.’


Spanish language student: ‘It was really fun! The breakout sessions are really clever, as well as the feature which allows the teacher to write notes. It works much better than I expected. I’ll sign up for the next level.’


Italian language student: The online course helps retain a feeling of normality and routine. It’s great to keep in touch with everyone. Teacher Elena is as encouraging and lively on screen as in real life!’


French language student: ‘We didn’t lose the opportunity to have speaking exercises in pairs because of the breakout rooms option’.


Arabic language student: ‘I’m really happy with the two online sessions I have done so far and based on them, I have booked on to the next block of online lessons. There is now more emphasis on speaking and our teacher Samir seems to have recreated the same classroom experience.’


Korean language student: ‘I love the little study rooms and really appreciate that IH has reacted really quickly to new circumstances and allowed us to continue education!’


Japanese language student: ‘It’s still a fun learning experience and we are practising as usual.’


German language student: ‘I really liked the breakout rooms to practice speaking with other classmates. It was better than expected.’


Italian language student: ‘Well done for getting a virtual replacement set up so quickly. Really pleased that I will still have Italian and my weekly lesson to focus on in this difficult time.’


Greek language student: ‘Great to be able to continue with classes despite not being physically in the school. Was great to see the teacher and fellow students online, and just as easy to learn. Really grateful to be able to have the classes online. Thank you!’


Japanese language student: ‘I really like this new method and I would like to keep learning online when the situation gets better.’



Take a look at examples of our classes in this short video.



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