Your guide to Delta A detailed look at what's involved in the Delta course

The Delta award has three modules which are assessed separately. Once you have passed all three modules, you are Delta qualified. The modules can be studied separately or at the same time. There is no time limit in which you have to take the three modules. They can be studied in any order.

Delta Module 1:

Understanding language, methodology and resources for teaching

Module 1 focuses on extending and developing candidates’ knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning English in a range of contexts.

Topics include:

• Different teaching approaches and methodologies
• Language systems and learners’ linguistic problems
• Knowledge of resources, materials and reference sources for language learning

Assessment: written exam

Delta Module 2:

Developing professional practice

Module 2 focuses on developing awareness and expertise in the principles and professional practice of teaching English in a range of contexts.

You will research and write essays on English language systems and skills development, and plan and teach lessons based on your research. During the course you are observed and will receive developmental feedback on your teaching and will also observe other teachers.

Topics include:

• Preparation for teaching
• Managing and supporting learning
• Lesson preparation and teaching
• The language learner and the language learning context
• Evaluating, selecting and using resources and materials for teaching purposes
• Observe and evaluate other teachers’ lessons

Assessment: Portfolio of coursework (including background essays, observed lessons and a professional development assignment).

Delta Module 3:

Extending Practice and ELT Specialism

Module 3 focusses on needs analysis, syllabus design, course planning and assessment.

You will carry out an independent investigation, leading to the design of a course programme related to a specialism.

Some of the specialisms include:

• Teaching Exam Classes
• Business English
• Teaching Young Learners
• English for Specific Purposes
• Teaching English to learners with special requirements

Assessment: written assignment

Alternative or Additional Module 3:

ELT Management

Module 3 ELT Management can only be booked as part of the Blended 123 package or taken as a single Delta module. You can choose to take this as an additional module even if you have completed your Delta.

This module focuses on situation analysis, planning and implementing change. You will carry out an independent situation analysis, leading to the design of a change proposal in one of the following specialisms:

• Academic management
• Human resource management
• Customer service
• Marketing

To successfully complete this module, you will need to have access to management data from a relevant language teaching context.

Assessment: written assignment